Matt’s Top Priorities

Mobility Solutions

There is no way around the traffic issue in downtown Buda. When the public provided input for Buda’s 2030 Comprehensive Plan, a combined 61% said it was a key issue. I agree we need to divert 18-wheel trucks away from downtown and relieve congestion. The City needs to further partnerships with TxDOT, CAMPO, Hays County, Hays HCISD and others to ensure a coordinated approach to transportation solutions. Working towards the completion of SH45 to IH35, Buda Bypass, West Goforth Connector, Cole Springs Road/Bridge and Old Black Colony Road improvements are crucial to meeting Buda’s future transportation needs. Also, with Buda Amphitheater & City Park, Garison Park and additional planned developments along Onion Creek, we have real opportunities to connect downtown Buda with thousands of residents through our planned trail systems. To live, work and play in a walkable bikeable Buda is achievable.

Proper Residential and Commercial Land Development

Buda is no longer a small town, but we still have time to preserve what it feels like to be one. We need balanced development of residential, commercial and retail space to serve the growing needs of our citizens. The Buda 2030 Comprehensive Plan estimates the total number of platted lots to exceed 12,000 within Buda City Limits and the Buda Extraterritorial Jurisdiction (ETJ). The plan emphasizes preservation of natural resources like the Edwards Aquifer and natural habitats, while strengthening transportation, water, and wastewater systems to support growth and development. Over just the next few years Buda will see a large influx of new residential development. We must plan for existing residents that outgrow their starter homes and want to remain in Buda. Offer workers with higher paying jobs and growing families the opportunity to live on a quarter acre lot or larger while remaining in Buda is an example of proper residential development to serve the needs of citizens. We must improve communication with potential commercial investors to properly develop space for businesses of all sizes. Leadership in coordinating proper land development is crucial to Buda’s future landscape.

Technology Infrastructure

With the start of this school year we find the majority of students attending class virtually. We are seeing employers support their workforce by increasingly allowing their employees to work from home. I believe the City should innovate and seek new opportunities to increase bandwidth for residential and commercial consumers. Our community’s growing frustration of having only one high speed internet provider is at a breaking point. The City needs to devote resources to attracting additional service providers and exploring private public partnerships. At minimum, the City of Buda should support an amendment to the Texas Utilities Code to allow for more local control and develop a homegrown solution. Focusing on job creation, attracting more diversified businesses combined with more residents working and attending classes from home, means we must improve our technology infrastructure before Buda falls too far behind.

Maintain Low Tax Rate

During these times of unprecedented challenges in our community our City leaders upholding their fiduciary duty has never been more important. Maximizing every tax dollar earned to the fullest benefit for our citizens is crucial to maintaining our already low tax rate. Proper administration and oversight of upcoming projects for Mobility, Drainage, Water, Wastewater, Reclaimed Water, Facilities and Parks will be key to improving the quality of life while not increasing the tax burden for citizens. Responsible leadership and care must be taken to ensure our City does not over extend and risk raising our tax rate.

Overall Well-Being

Outdoor activity boosts our overall well-being. The State of Texas Legislature dubbed Buda as the “Outdoor Capital of Texas,” because we have more parkland per capita than any other city in Texas, 29.6 miles per capita to be exact. Our Parks and Recreation Department has seen a flurry of activity in recent years. Citizens deserve organized activities and sports programming from our City. Whether it be the brand-new Buda Amphitheater & City Park, recently acquired Garison Park, splash pads, Sportsplex or our expanding trail system, our City Leaders must demonstrate an appreciation for and act to preserve our precious outdoor spaces.

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